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Cancer Prevention 2

OTHER GENERAL NOTES FROM EXCELL PROVIDERS WITH CURRENT RESEARCH IN PREVENTION OR WHEN DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER For the top 11 tips for preventing cancer, read the first article Cancer Prevention. HABITS – Exercise regularly,...


Should I Exercise While Pregnant?

Yes. Exercise improves pregnancy and new born health. → Exercise improves the supply of glucose and oxygen to the baby. → Recreational exercise may lower the chances of preterm labor and the birth of...


Cancer Prevention

SLEEP 8-9 hours in bed every night & must be prioritized! FASTING Weekly (2-3 twenty-four hour fasts/week lunch to lunch) &/or Time Restricted Eating Daily (only eat between ~10am-6pm), and consider a prolonged 2+...


Excell Deals for June!

Cerenity PM is 10% off (A great option to replace Restaze!) Free Sample with Dermaplaning! Every Dermaplaning Facial & Phyto-C Facial client will get a free sample of one of these great Phyto-C products:...

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