DeStress for Optimal Health


Begin by improving your self-awareness. Choose a form of self-expression that you enjoy and can do regularly (like dancing, painting, sculpting, other art, music, journaling or writing, etc) Spiritual Practices remember the things for which you are grateful inward (prayer, study), outward (service, solitude), and corporate (worship, confession) disciplines Daily Relaxation or Stress Reduction Practices meditation, contemplation, or prayer Meditation– done daily ...

Why You Should Find Out Your ApoE Gene Type


It’s true that God has made us all very different, and yet there are similarities due to like ApoE gene types that predict how your body will develop to metabolize food for energy. I have read and reread a fantastic book this year called:
“The Perfect Gene Diet” by Pamela McDonald, N.P.

We can find out what your ApoE gene is with lab tests from Health Diagnostic Laboratories. Posted in Diet and Nutrition, Dr. Lisa | Tagged | Comments are welcome!