Todd EllingtonI was born in New Castle, IN in 1963.  According to some of my younger friends, dinosaurs still walked the earth, but I have been unable to verify this. I have an older sister, Lea, who shares my warped sense of humor.  We can find humor in almost any situation, which has gotten us both into trouble more than once!

I am a graduate of Ball State University, where I received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in U.S. History, in 1986.  After 25 years in sales, service and management, I felt called to the medical profession.

While I was a student at Ball State, I met my best friend, soul mate, and wife, Cecile, a Registered Nurse and breast cancer survivor.  She has been accused of robbing the cradle, as she is an incredible thirty minutes older than I.  A whirlwind romance followed our meeting in September, 1985.  Five weeks later, on October 28, 1985, she agreed to marry me.  Less than a year later, we were married on August 30, 1986. Our son, Andrew, lives in Madison, WI with his beautiful wife Heather.

Our family is made complete by Bella, our golden retriever; who does not realize she is of the canine species and not human.

We have lived in Fishers for many years and have a very tight knit group of friends and family that we love spending time with. I was a patient of Dr. Lisa’s for many years before I joined the Excell for Life family in May 2013 as a Front Office Assistant. I look forward to meeting and serving you on your journey to a healthier life!

Todd has written some great articles about the journey he has walked through when his wife Cecile got cancer.

When Someone You Love Has Cancer on June 20, 2018


One Year After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis – A Caregiver’s Journey Continues

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