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Sydney – Thank you so much for everything. Recently I’ve been through a hard spot. I want to thank you so very much for helping me get back on my feet with my health. You are honestly the best doctor I have ever known. I really feel she has saved my life. I’ve come a long way since meeting you.

Penny age 57 – I just love coming in to visit Dr. Miller at Excell for Life. I come in to the office, I get assigned a patient room, and then I just feel the weight lifting off of my shoulders because I know I am cared for and will be taken well care of!

Cassandra age 55- I am so thankful that Dr. Miller knows traditional medicine and also holistic medicine. She really listens and works to find the root of your problems. For me she checked for the 3 major food sensitivities at my physical, and once I eliminated the foods that were bothering me, my energy is SO much better and my allergies and headaches are gone!

Michelle – 3 children ages 7, 5, and 3 – I love Dr. Lisa, Excell, and their special listening and exceptional knowledge and care! My 3 children had recurrent intermittent rashes this summer, and after reviewing our history Excell staff and Dr. Lisa felt the rashes were due to dairy allergy. Since we have eliminated dairy, their rashes are gone! (And when they eat dairy they come back.)

Liz age 63 – I have been Dr. Lisa’s patient for 24 years and lover her hugs and expert care. She kept me from having strokes when I had wide fluctuations in my blood pressure 15-20 years ago and has found the right traditional and holistic care. Now I have pre-diabetes and she is helping me from developing diabetes. I love that she also keeps learning and teaching, and helping me now with my vitamin deficiencies and diet!

Tina age 55 – I am so happy my friend recommended Dr. Lisa and Excell! My gyn didn’t know how to treat with bio-identical hormones, but Dr. Lisa and Excell does. I now feel like myself again, and they have so many resources with handout articles, and website blogs and videos.

Mark age 32 – I couldn’t find and great physician and technology office until I came to Excell. I love Excell, all the providers so knowledgeable in traditional and alternative medicine, and their great technology – an easy app to my chart and emailing at my fingertips, and the website, Facebook page, and Instagrams.

Andy and Elaina age 38 and 40 – We are SO thankful for Dr. Lisa’s mission for us to “have a great sex life until we die” (and she says as long as we want to). She started Elaina on DHEA for some dryness and libido, and we forever thank her! Also we know she will listen and care in the future if we have any other issues (like in menopause or male menopause). She always takes the extra time to remind us to keep dating, and has great articles and suggestions (often at office visits or well child visits) for us to keep our marriage strong.

Marletta age 55 – Praise God and Dr. Lisa and Excell – my diabetes is gone!

Ryan – new patient age 42 – I really appreciate Dr. Lisa’s expertise, teaching, articles, website, and holistic faith – based ideal medical practice!

Lydia age 75 – Six doctors and specialists over 5 years could not cure my horrible daily hives and itching, but after 1 visit with Dr. Lisa they are gone!!! I had severe vitamin D deficiency and some other vitamin deficiencies. I travel from Terre Haute to see Dr. Lisa and Excell. I am SO thankful my daughter told me about Excel!

Amy age 35 – My husband and I love Dr. Lisa – and my husband hasn’t even met her yet! My sex drive and enjoyment are back and our marriage is terrific!

Marjorie age 70 – I don’t know what I would do or where I would be if Dr. Lisa didn’t listen to and follow God and tell of His awesome love and power and healing, and quote scripture from her heart. Dr. Lisa’s faith and encouragement and healing have changed my life for eternity. I am so much healthier physically, nutritionally, and spiritually just as she says. And I now go to church and woman’s Bible study and do daily devotion and Bible study reading, and I am filled with SO much more peace and joy and love and all the fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22. Praise to Jesus and Dr. Lisa and Excell!

Nick age 42 – I have been Dr. Lisa’s patient since age 18, and my family and I love her and her practice more and more each passing year. She is such a terrific beautiful doctor and person – such great healing and care. She solves all our problems, and most recently helped cure my rash by her knowledge of nutrition and yeast. I now have so much more energy and have lost nearly 20 pounds! Also when my daughter had some serious problems with her school last year, Dr. Lisa and Excell sent her and my wife & I individual cards signed by all staff and with a pass it on cards. It meant so very much to my daughter and all of us.

Leigh Ann – I (and the friend I told about it to) love Excell’s Reacted Magnesium – my stools are terrific and regular now and I have more energy!

Jamie & Todd in late twenties – We love Dr. Lisa and Excell staff’s care for our children with their strong wellness/holistic care and strong Christian faith. At every office visit they really listen, teach, and often pray and quote scripture for inspiration and healing. They encourage us always to follow God’s great Spirit’s guidance within us and to make the best value based choices.

Brenda – I love Dr. Lisa praying with me whenever I ask and often spontaneously!

David age 75 – Excell’s Super Aloe and Reacted Magnesium have made my stool regular for the 1st time in my life! I also so appreciated Dr. Lisa hugs and listening and care!

Rhonda – Excell’s weeklong Detox and Core Restore and supplements have changed my life. They have changed my life! I tell everyone about them and Excell!

Logan – I so appreciate Excell’s Pass it On Cards when I come to an office visit. I enjoy reading them and taking one for myself or to write a note on the back for one to give to one of my friends.

Kristin age 42 – I really appreciate Dr. Lisa and the Excell team’s knowledge of diabetes and holistic nutritional care. I am so much healthier!

Jeanne – I so appreciate Dr. Lisa finding my Celiac Disease. I have my health and life back and feel terrific!

Beth – I am so thankful for Dr. Lisa’s knowledge of Type 1 diabetes for my daughter who has it. Dr. Lisa is so encouraging and such a great teacher. She has found my daughter’s gluten sensitivity also which I know have learned is so common in Type 1 diabetes. We have made the diet changes and my whole family is so much healthier!

Gretchen age 35 – SO thankful to God and Excell that since seeing Dr. Lisa that she can finally look forward to getting out of bed each morning

Steven, graduate student age 23 – Amazed at our terrific holistic approach to healing starting with major health goals and common sense, and our great care and enthusiasm and teaching to be your healthiest, had neck pain for many years and other doctors told him just to take pills and never really listened or explored reasons, and now has so much hope since seeing Dr. Lisa with her recommendations on his water intake, diet changes, needed supplements, and start working on his flexibility and getting in alignment by therapeutic massage n maybe some adjustments by Dr. Luke or chiro

Faith age 21, so thankful for Dr. Lisa to really listen, care, and work to get her long-term GI problems solved, and now no more abdominal pain or gas and so much energy!, and loves all Dr. Lisa’s article and writing and Instagramming to help teach and motivate

new patient Michael age 21 here for sports PE and no stated problems, and then so astonished at how doctor Lisa took the time to engage and teach him about getting healthier, from her holistic health guide, to letting him listen to his own heart and lungs, to finding our he had bad seasonal allergies and explaining natural solutions and giving him a very informative article, and he now really wants to work to be his healthiest and help his dad too (his dad brought him to Excell but hasn’t been seen yet for his 1st visit, and is resistant to getting healthier), loved our great office décor and friendliness.

Anne age 45 – so thrilled with Dr. Lisa and Excell – after coming here for a short time she can breath, has no more allergy symptoms, no more IBS, lots of energy, is alert, can sleep – she loves our health care and how we practice medicine and refers all her friends.

Elwanda so happy to be Dr. Lisa’s patient for the past 24 years and would follow her anywhere – loves her caring and teaching and encouraging to get healthier and always learning more, especially about common sense holistic health and prevention, loves that Dr. Lisa always listens.

Alma age 78 so thankful for Dr. Lisa and her team’s great holistic and faith filled care, so thrilled to be prayed for by her doctors and staff, so thankful for the card Excell sent her after her husband’s recent death, so happy to be getting healthier at her age!

Kevin, age 55, so thankful for the great diabetic care from Dr. Lisa, with her helping and continuing to encourage (and never give up) on him working on his health goals and getting his diabetes under control for God, himself and his family and life.

Anonymous – SO happy that Dr. Lisa encourages questions and teaming with her to get you to your healthiest, really listens and knows that I know my body the best and she n excel are here to help in any way – always trying to figure things out, keep getting healthier and love Excell asking about my own health goal – what is most important to me – really listens and cares and is so hardworking.

TONI age 45– Dr. Lisa changed my life in SO many ways! 1st in advising that I drink half my body weight in ounces of water/day and challenging me to try it for at least 1 week – I felt SO SO much better! Then she has worked to balance my hormones and thyroid, and I so love her staff and her electronic medical record system to be able to email her and her staff – I get a response so quickly and can write just what I want to say (rather than calling and telling it to someone else.)

AMANDA age 22 and HOLLY age 55 – I really like to follow Dr. Lisa on instagram and facebook –very motivational! (drlisa_m on instagram)

ANDREW age 22 and CRYSTAL age 36 – so thankful that dr lisa listens to me and goes extra measure when needed (Andrew she called him to check on him the next day & inform him of lab results and got him into ENT doctor the next day, and Crystal. Dr. Lisa called her to give her eye culture results on the weekend to make sure she was getting better.)

DORIS age 64 – Dr. Lisa and her staff are absolutely the best! They really care, and Dr. Lisa called my GI doctor and then 2 different surgeons (and then my husband and me) to get me the surgery I needed and she knew I needed (and she was the only doctor at first to really listen to me – I had this same problem before that imaging didn’t show and resolved with a surgical laparoscopy). I was in horrific abdominal pain and admitted to Community North. The surgeons there would not do anything, so Dr. Lisa had me go to ST Vincent and talked to the general surgeon who then saw me and operated thank our great Lord the next day! I am healed now and no more abdominal pain thanks to Dr. Lisa!

LINDSAY – Dr. Lisa used her listening skills, knowledge & expertise, and God’s common sense to enable me to get pregnant! I had 3 miscarriages and am certain would have had a 4th if I had not consulted with Dr. Lisa. She looked over my history and lab results, and knew I needed more progesterone BEFORE I tried to get pregnant. She then sent me to infertility specialist Dr. Colver for his dosing expertise, and he did exactly what Dr. Lisa knew – started progesterone BEFORE I tried to get pregnant. Now I have a beautiful baby girl miracle form God through Dr. Lisa!

NANCY age 53 – I love Dr. Lisa and staff! I have referred all my friend and they love them too! Dr. Lisa and her team all know bio-identical hormones to treat menopause, and now I feel normal and great again! I am also SO happy they care about my whole body balance and holistic medicine to work on my thyroid, adrenals, and gut and diet too!

DALE and CARROLL age 76 and 75 – We are so thankful to Dr. Lisa for so many things to help our whole health, and for her encouragement to see trainer Eric! He has made Dale’s body and neck pain so much better, and I am very overweight but now can walk again with Eric’s expert help and training adm am starting to really lose weight!

JENNIFER age 33– I so love Dr. Lisa and Excell’s emphasis on faith. She has really encouraged and grown my faith through her encouragement & knowledge, articles she has written, and prayers at office visits. She really talks to my children about faith and values at all ages and about every office visit. Dr. Lisa tries to use each moment with us to help us get our physical and spiritual healthiest!

AMBER age 34 – Dr. Lisa has so grown my faith and I can see clearly the Spirit’s direction and healing in all she does.

JEFF – I so appreciate Dr. Lisa’s passion for all us “couples to have an awesome sex life until you die!” and her knowledge of hormones for men and women, her articles, and using medicine & supplements when needed (and where to get the best prices on medicine – like custom pharmacies or the Canadian

DON age 84 – Excell has the best supplements! They really work and do what they are supposed to do and are natural medicine. Dr. Lisa and team keep researching to have the best and the best cost. I love that they keep learning and teaching, and I have so much more energy and am healthier!

KELLY age 34 – My PMS and my swelling are gone and my energy is back! I am SO thankful to Dr. Lisa and Excell’s great supplements (I am on Estrofactors, EstroDIM, and chasteberry)!

JAYME age 25 – I feel like myself again with energy and no PMS thanks to Dr. Lisa! She listened to me and worked with my thyroid medicine and supplements for thyroid and hormone and progesterone balance (after my thyroid specialist just said that I was fine on Synthroid when I didn’t feel fine!). She and Excell know the science, art, and caring of medicine.

LARRY & TILLIE age 66 and 65 – Dr. Lisa is the best thing that has EVER happened to us. I have lived longer than any man in my family, and she continues to teach and encourage us. We love her Excell teaching classes, and try to come to every class. We can fell how much better we fell on Execll’s vitamins and supplements – they are the best natural medicine with all the exposures in our society. Also, I am now down 4 pant sizes due to Dr. Lisa and Swathi starting me on a new type 2 diabetic medicine Victoza.

Note we received from patient.
March 2013

Dr. Lisa,

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I signed up for the Mini Marathon this May. Who would have ever thought I would do this?? Thank you for being such a great doctor and an inspiration to others!! When I started my journey on the path to getting healthy (almost two years ago) I would never have believed that today, I can now call it a lifestyle!! It is through your patient care, inspiration and true commitment to people that motivated me to do this for myself. Thank you, again!!

Best wishes to you and all of your staff!!

Testimonial from the card

Dr. Miller,

I want to thank you so much for covering the cost of my visit to you the other week.  I cannot possibly tell you how much I appreciate your kindness.  When I informed my dad of what you did , he was equally grateful.  It takes a special person to do something like that and I know God will richly bless you for it.

I will tell you, I am doing much better.  The Prozac works better than the wellbutrin ever did and my mood has improved significantly.  I am also focusing on trusting God with my future, which is something I really struggle with.  This improvement is not quite as significant, but I am definitely farther than I was 2 months ago.

Hopefully, the next time you see me, my life will look a lot better—or at least  I’ll be handling it in a much better way. J Again, I want to thank you so much for everything!



Card received April 2011

Dr. Lisa,

It means so much to our family, the acts of kindness you show to my husband.  There are not enough people who show generosity these days.  Your ARE a very special person & will always hold a special place in our hearts!!

The G family

Card received May 2011

Dear Dr. Miller,

Just a quick note as a follow-up to my appointment last week.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be for a physician to diagnose mental issues in a limited scope of time.  As such, I want to thank you and your staff for carefully listening and recommending a course of action that has already helped tremendously.  I was thrilled to hear my blood work results were normal.  I now recognize the significance of what I was experiencing mentally which contributed to how I was feeling physically.  Although I have declined sleeping aids in the past, I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go.  As you may recall, I was sleeping ALL the time and NEVER felt rested.  Second, I am taking my medicines, vitamins, supplements, and lots of water daily, and aside from a few headaches week one, I feel much better during the day.  In addition, I’m back to exercising and trying to eat healthier.  Finally, I purchased the book “Get Out of That Pit” last weekend and I particularly like the author’s sense of humor.  Thanks again for listening to my concerns, recommending a course of action that has helped so much, and I look forward to seeing you next month!



Click: A Slice of Joe’s Life to read his greatly inspirational testimony.

Corinthe’s testimonial: (written by our mission team member Corinthe and posted on our Haiti mission blog at

She didn’t know I was watching but I was. I watched her obey the lord with grace and a joyful spirit. As I lay here on my top bunk I watch Lisa studying how to say Jeremiah 17:14 and “God Bless You” in creole, I see the determination stemmed from heartfelt love for God’s beloved Haitian children.

With her flashlight’s strap hanging, clinched between her teeth she flips the pages of her English-Haitian Creole dictionary, speaking the creole words softly out loud to herself for practice.

The power just went off and she smiled at me and said that she just wanted to be able to say these things to the Haitian people who come into the clinic. My heart was smitten with her joy when she told me how she just wanted to say something to them from her. What servanthood. Not only is she serving these brothers and sisters with her medicinal talent on loan from God, but she is up at 11:47pm studying just to be able to speak to them in their native language. Tonight I saw Jesus in Lisa. She is like Him. She is meeting the Haitians where they are even if it means she has to study, step out of her comfort zone by not only speaking a different language, but learning it with the intent to glorify my Savior and speak it to
the Haitians coming into the clinic. I admire her courage, surrender to love, and her willingness to turn her back on the spirit of fear by stepping out in faith. I praise God for allowing me to see her serve the Lord in the midnight hour. Surely the Lord will bless her by what she was doing, and He will continue to let me see Him actively through the heartfelt service of others like Lisa, and teach me to be more like Him.

I praise Him for showing me yet another way to glorify Him through Lisa as she humbly assumed servant-hood by studying to be the hands, the feet and the voice of Jesus.


“This time I couldn’t wait to get to Dr. Miller’s office. An appointment I was actually looking forward to—WOW! I had always dreaded my yearly check up because I knew I needed to lose weight and that I hadn’t done that.

The previous summer I was working with a family who was following the “Weight Watchers” program. The program was obviously working for them. Being the generous lady she is “Molly” would usually fix an extra plate for me to take home. The meals were good and I decided why not? I’d follow the program with them. Being short on funds and time this would save me the weekly cost and working two jobs I couldn’t fit the meetings into my work week. I explained this to Molly and she gave me the nutritional info to read and continued sending me home with my plate. As the months rolled by I was actually losing. That just encouraged me to continue. I usually worked but I stepped up my routine. Before I knew it the pounds were coming off, my clothes were getting lose. Yeah!

Long story short I stuck with the program and when I stepped on the scales at Dr. Miler’s office I had dropped thirty five pounds! Yes! Since the visit I have lost another nine pounds. I’m still on the program and I’m still losing. I feel fantastic and I’m eating healthy.

Finding anything in fashion or “cute” for the “full figured woman” just wasn’t happening. To me all those clothes had the “granny” look. Even though I am a proud “Nana” it doesn’t mean I want to dress that way. I have gone down six sizes in my bra let alone pants and dresses! I can actually buy cute things without searching.

Don’t think you’re too old, can’t afford it, or it’s too hard. I’ve used all those excuses. I’m no spring chick but I’m feeling more like one every day. I’m 62 and I’m feeling better about myself all the time. I love playing with my grandchildren and I actually keep up with them.

Sure I slip now and then but I jump right back. When I stick with the program I feel better physically and mentally. I eat lots of vegetables and fruit. I drink 96 ounces of water a day; that really helps.

Haven’t won the lottery yet but life sure is feeling better.”

about Dr. Lisa on Yahoo Reviews:

“Dr. Miller is an awesome physician and a beautiful woman for God. She certainly has her calling in the healing arts area of life. She had great concern, love and genuine care for me when we talked about symptoms about my heart. She lined me up for all the right tests,and referred me to the perfect cardiologist who has a great love for God also…. Thank you Dr. Miller” ~ helen 08/03/2010

“Dr. Bleeke-Miller is very caring and truly listens to her patient’s concerns. She provides options that work for the patients. I have recommended her to many of my family members and friends.” ~ by Kaekae 11/26/2009

“Excellent doctor: I was a patient of Dr. Lisa for years and followed her through several locations. She was one of the best doctors I have had, and I had some strange illnesses. She was very patient, listened carefully and researched on her own to find the answers. I would highly recommend her to anyone…” ~ by debshircliff 08/09/2006

Excell for Life Practice Testimonials

I want to thank you for spending such quality time with me. I know I have a lot to work on, but I feel like I know why I’m not feeling well. This is amazing. – Mary 46.

I see a huge improvement in energy & supplements & hormonal balance. I feel so good. I have redecorated my home & feel like I can do so much in my life! – Angie, 46.

“We went to a specialist who was so surprised to hear we drive to Indy to see you. I told her why…because you listen, you value our input and insights as parents and see yourself as a support system to help us raise our kids well. And she turned to the med student and said,

‘Be that doctor.’


— Thank you for being our doctor and being such a wonderful one. You are a rare gem, Dr. Lisa Miller!” – Maria


I have been a patient of Brandy’s for almost a year now. After much prodding from my parents (who learned about your office/team through a patient of yours) while I was dealing with IBD issues, I finally met with Brandy and signed up for HOPE Care. I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated her support in the past year. We both have young kids, but also love our jobs, too. I’m a teacher, and it requires so much giving of myself to others, as I know being a healthcare provider does, too.

She has taught me a lot about how to take better care of myself and connect me with the right resources – not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I have such a sense of security knowing that if I’m not feeling well, that she and the nurses are just a “message” away. While I still have plenty of work to do in increasing and maintaining my health – as it’s a journey – I finally feel I have been blessed with a place that is and people who are my “go-to” in keeping myself healthy so I can enjoy and be fully present for my family and students.

Thank you, Brandy, and her team for all you have provided for me and many others! – Kate
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