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Heath Benefits of Dark Chocolate 0

Heath Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dr. Lisa, Nurse Becky, and I are all fans of good chocolate. There are not many times when I have heard someone say that they don’t like chocolate. So there is great news—dark chocolate...

It’s That Time of Year Again….. 0

It’s That Time of Year Again…..

Well, hello. How did it get to be almost Thanksgiving again? And Christmas following soon after that? Where does the time go? As many of you know, I am now living in Florida. I...

Aromatherapy and Your Sense of Smell 0

Aromatherapy and Your Sense of Smell

The holidays are here again!  The other day I walked into a gift shop and the smell of cinnamon was in the air.  I instantly thought of Christmas! Smell is the most sensitive of...

UltraMind Solution-#4 0

UltraMind Solution-#4

Key#5: Enhance Detoxification, Key #6: Boost Energy Metabolism, Key#7: Calm Your Mind: Key#5: Enhance Detoxification: 2 things most physicians never learn in medical school: the role of food and nutrition and food in health...

UltraMind Soution…part#2 0

UltraMind Soution…part#2

The Seven Keys to UltraWellness (read Dr. Mark Hyman’s book!) – these influence every feeling, thought, emotion, behavior, and memory we have (not to mention our physical health and weight)  =  Optimize Nutrition, Hormone Balance, Cooling...

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