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Detox with Amy

Follow along on instagram at the #detoxwithamy and at Facebook Detox with Amy Event The detox will officially begin on February 2. BEFORE WE BEGIN THE 7 DAY DETOX: Print Medical Symptom Questionnaire (or...

Healing Your Gut 0

Healing Your Gut

Two important steps in healing the gut and replenishing healthy digestive flora requires: 1. quality probiotic supplements and 2. at least a seasonal rotation of those products. Prescript-Assist Pro™ by Researched Nutritionals is just...

Heath Benefits of Dark Chocolate 0

Heath Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dr. Lisa, Nurse Becky, and I are all fans of good chocolate. There are not many times when I have heard someone say that they don’t like chocolate. So there is great news—dark chocolate...

Reducing Toxins with Health Coach Dawn Parker 0

Reducing Toxins with Health Coach Dawn Parker

HOPE Care and eMembers! Here is the Video for Dawn Parker’s May 28th 3T Class on Reducing Toxic Exposure from Your Personal Hygiene Products. Click here for Blog Login Retrieval

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