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UltraMind Soution…part#2 0

UltraMind Soution…part#2

The Seven Keys to UltraWellness (read Dr. Mark Hyman’s book!) – these influence every feeling, thought, emotion, behavior, and memory we have (not to mention our physical health and weight)  =  Optimize Nutrition, Hormone Balance, Cooling...

The Vital Importance of Vitamin D 0

The Vital Importance of Vitamin D

Increasingly over the past 2 years, research has shown that Vitamin D is likely the most important supplement. The U.S. Center for Disease Prevention estimates at least 60% of Americans are severely deficient in...

8 Tips to Lower Your Cancer Risks 0

8 Tips to Lower Your Cancer Risks

Follow these 8 steps and you will drastically reduce your risk for many types of cancer.

Don’t wait until later, the sooner you incorporate these changes into your daily life the better chances you have to prevent cancer from starting or growing.

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