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On Living In The Present Moment 0

On Living In The Present Moment

As you are sitting here reading this, how are you feeling? Are you anxious, thinking about that mistake you made at work yesterday? Or are you thinking about the future—what are you going to...

Aromatherapy and Your Sense of Smell 0

Aromatherapy and Your Sense of Smell

The holidays are here again!  The other day I walked into a gift shop and the smell of cinnamon was in the air.  I instantly thought of Christmas! Smell is the most sensitive of...

Finding Peace In Your Life 0

Finding Peace In Your Life

    What one thing do you find that is essential to your living a happy and fulfilled life? Is it financial security, family and friends, finding and keeping a relationship, or good health?...

Embracing Change 0

Embracing Change

    I liked my job and my friends.  I liked my home and the city.  I liked my comfortable routine.  Then one day my husband came home and told me that we would...

Memorizing Scripture! 0

Memorizing Scripture!

I am SO excited that I have now totally memorized the whole great book of James after 2 months of my regular jogging (2 miles five days/week).  It is like the Proverbs of the...

UltraMind Solution-#4 0

UltraMind Solution-#4

Key#5: Enhance Detoxification, Key #6: Boost Energy Metabolism, Key#7: Calm Your Mind: Key#5: Enhance Detoxification: 2 things most physicians never learn in medical school: the role of food and nutrition and food in health...

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