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What Do Those Letters Mean? 0

What Do Those Letters Mean?

  Bottled water is everywhere. It is easy to find and convenient to take with you. Often people have their favorite brand of water, and while there are some differences in these waters, it...

UltraMind Solution-#4 0

UltraMind Solution-#4

Key#5: Enhance Detoxification, Key #6: Boost Energy Metabolism, Key#7: Calm Your Mind: Key#5: Enhance Detoxification: 2 things most physicians never learn in medical school: the role of food and nutrition and food in health...

UltraMind Solution -Part #3 0

UltraMind Solution -Part #3

Keys # 2 (Balance Hormones), 3 (Cool Inflammation), 4 (Fix Digestion) KEY #2: Balance Your Hormones – all cells talk to each other through these messengers, and an imbalance can be connected to any...

Freeze Those Strawberries! 0

Freeze Those Strawberries!

Last winter, as we all know, was a very mild one here in Indiana.  It was the same in Florida, too, and with no frosts or freezes to worry about there has been a...

The Dangers of Tanning Beds 0

The Dangers of Tanning Beds

Winter is upon us, and so is the season of taking tropical vacations for some, while others of us just want to look as if we have been somewhere warm and sunny.  And, for...

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