Excell for Life Healthy Life Report Card

These basic habits help you feel your best and help you prevent cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke and more!

Give yourself one point for every healthy habit you have.

Do you…

_____    MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL = SLEEP at least 8 hours nightly (so plan 9 hours in bed)
_____    Exercise 20-30 minutes daily (sweating-get heart rate up)
_____    Drink Water – 1/2 your weight in ounces/day (filtered)
_____    Eat Your Rainbow! 5-6 veggies & fruits DAILY
_____    Eat Whole, Real Foods that are unprocessed, best Gluten Free (for immune system health), low sugar/grain/dairy
_____   Poop Well Daily (1-2xday)
_____    Supplement Daily with Vitamin D5000, 1-3 Orthomega Fish Oil, 2-4 Alpha Base MVI, Probiotic Orthobiotic/PrescriptAssist), 1-2 reacted Magnesium/night
_____    Healthy Weight (waist circumference less than ½ your height, BMI less than 25)
_____    Brush & Floss Teeth Daily
_____    De-stress, Meditate, Pray & Breathe (at least 15 minutes of Sabbath) Daily
_____    New Learning Daily (keep challenging yourself to do new things!) & Value Driven Choices
_____    Avoid Toxins (glass & less plastic, organic food & products – like vinegar for cleaning, grapeseed oil for moisturizer, & !)
_____    Blood Pressure average less than 130/80
_____    Fasting Blood Sugar Less than 90
_____    Yearly Wellness Physical
_____    Non-smoker & Non-drinker (less than 4 small drinks/week)

To find out your grade, total up the number of questions you answered yes to: _______

15-16 = A+      Excellent Health and Congratulations for treating your body as the precision gift from God that it is!

12-14 = A        Great Job & Keep Working!

9-11  = B        A Very Good Start!

6-8   = C        Work to Do and YOU Can Do It!

3-5   = D        Much Work To Do – You Can Do It & Will Feel SO Much Better!

0-2   = F        We Know You Can Get Healthy!

Plans & Goals after considering above: To Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well, Poop Well, & Drink Water Well

My Health Goal(s): ______________________

First Steps to Take: ____________________________________________________________.

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