Lithium Orotate


The Lithium Orotate formula supports a positive mental outlook, supports detoxification enzymes in the brain, and boosts neurotransmitter activity.

Discuss this and all supplements with your healthcare provider especially when dealing with mental, behavioral, or health issues. Our providers are here to help you on your healing journey.



Lithium is a commonly misunderstood trace mineral lithium. Our body requires lithium in trace amounts. It is one of the most unappreciated trace minerals and “brain nutrients”. Most are surprised when they find out they need lithium, specifically each person needs a minuscule amount: about 1 mg per day for an adult weighing 150 pounds. Compare that with prescription lithium, which is usually given at 600 to 1200 mg per day of lithium carbonate.
Even though we only need tiny amounts of lithium each day, more people may be deficient than previously thought. Low lithium intakes from water supplies showed increased rates of mental, behavioral, and health issues in medical studies.
The mineral supplement lithium orotate (which is what we offer in our clinic) may potentially mimic the neuroprotective effects of lithium gained from living in areas where there are relatively high concentrations of lithium in the food chain and water supply.


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