60 Softgels

Supports Focus & Cognitive Performance



Attencia is scientifically formulated to promote attention and focus with caffeine from phytonutrient -rich green coffee bean extract and guarana extract—combined with L-theanine, omega fatty acids, and zinc to support alertness and cognitive performance.*


  • L-theanine and caffeine, in combination have been shown to promote alertness, focus, and cognitive performance*
  • Preliminary research suggests that L-theanine in combination with caffeine enhances alertness more than caffeine alone*
  • Caffeine acts as an excitatory neurostimulant and has been shown to possess beneficial effects on psychomotor function and mood*
  • Contains 100 mg caffeine per softgel
  • Guarana is an herb traditionally used for supporting cognitive performance*
  • Features the combined supportive benefits of omega-3s and omega-6s*
  • Delivers zinc, which plays a role in the metabolism of neurotransmitters*


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