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Heal Your Gut – Step 1. Remove

Healing Your Gut with the 5-R’s! The “5-R’s” of GI (gastrointestinal) health stand for: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair, and Rebalance. This is a helpful way to remember the most important things to bring healing...


Sleep for Children

Our pediatric infectious disease NP Tara Fox has been blogging some great content on her blog: TRF Pediatric Health Tara has posted a great new blog post: ZZZZ…..Sleep She answers lots of great questions...


Detox with Amy

Follow along on instagram at the #detoxwithamy and at Facebook Detox with Amy Event The detox will officially begin on February 2. BEFORE WE BEGIN THE 7 DAY DETOX: Print Medical Symptom Questionnaire (or...


Intermittent Fasting!

The easy diet, healthy lifestyle & life-prolonging strategy – eat nothing at all! Our ancestors fasted regularly, not being trendy, but because food simply wasn’t always available.  Our body is designed not only to...


Dragon Fruit – Try Something New

Over the holiday season, nurse Jessica tried something new and wanted to share some great information about how good this unusual looking fruit is for you. Pitaya, more commonly known as dragon fruit, is...

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