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At Excell for Life Family Care & Pediatrics we offer a wide range of services and have seven wonderful providers who practice Functional Medicine. This is a blend of traditional medicine with a more holistic, or alternative approach, that is much more patient focused and roots based approach.

Our HOPE Care Program offers a fully functional approach with our most experienced providers Dr. Lisa, Brandy Manetta, NP or Amy Nicley, NP. HOPE Care offers many great benefits we provide for our patients. While Dr. Lisa programs is full, we do currently have openings in Amy and Brandy’s HOPE Care Program, and more detailed information is available.

If you would like a functional medicine approach, but are not interested in HOPE Care Program, I recommend our Functional Medicine Providers: Kate, Nicci & Amy. They provide the longer, functional medicine consults for a nominal fee. For your first visit with us, we always waive the functional medicine fee so that you can meet the provider and see what our practice is all about! The regular office visit is billed to insurance and you would simply be responsible for anything not covered by your insurance like copays or deductibles in addition to the functional fee.

We also offer a combination of traditional and functional medicine approach or just traditional insurance based billing with our board certified pediatric and internal medicine provider Dr. Allison or our other wonderful providers Nicci Wilhoitte, NP and Kate Marciniec, NP and are in network with most major insurance carriers.

More information about all these different services is available here:

Please call 317-660-0888 to get more detailed information or set up your new patient consultation!

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