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How are you?

How many times a day do you hear this question being asked?

How many times is your automatic response to this severely overused inquiry some version of the word “fine”?

Sincerely consider that question for yourself right now. Are you happy? Are you healthy? Do you feel as strong as you know you should be able to?

Are you ready to start feeling better?

Excell for Life was established to empower you to first discover your true health can grow stronger and healthier at any age!

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The eMember Advantage is $5.00 per month. You must complete a patient portal access form to get the online access to your complete patient chart!

Fill one out and sign up as an eMember at your next visit to Excell for Life Family Practice and Pediatrics or sign up before one of the 3T classes! (Call us at 317-660-0888 for appointments or walk-in schedules.)

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$5/month for adults or $8/month maximum for a family of 3 or more!

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Be a part of this exciting new approach to total holistic wellness!

Meet your Physical… Spiritual… Emotional…and Nutritional Health Goals!

Dr. Lisa PortraitDr. Lisa is a Family Physician who began her private practice in 1989.

Her goal is to get you the accurate and simplified information to become A Healthier You! At any age you can get stronger….

See what people are saying

about Dr. Lisa on Yahoo Reviews:

“Dr. Miller is an awesome physician and a beautiful woman for God. She certainly has her calling in the healing arts area of life. She had great concern, love and genuine care for me when we talked about symptoms about my heart. She lined me up for all the right tests,and referred me to the perfect cardiologist who has a great love for God also…. Thank you Dr. Miller” ~ helen 08/03/2010

“Dr. Bleeke-Miller is very caring and truly listens to her patient’s concerns. She provides options that work for the patients. I have recommended her to many of my family members and friends.” ~ by Kaekae 11/26/2009

“Excellent doctor: I was a patient of Dr. Lisa for years and followed her through several locations. She was one of the best doctors I have had, and I had some strange illnesses. She was very patient, listened carefully and researched on her own to find the answers. I would highly recommend her to anyone…” ~ by debshircliff 08/09/2006

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Health care is changing. How can you obtain the health information you need to be at your best?

Excell for Life! … Become a new creation; where the old has gone, and the new will come!

Blog Access and Member Forums – Only memberships are available for the same $5.00 per month as well!

ATTENTION: Patients of Excell for Life Family Care and Pediatrics you will need to contact the office (317-660-0888) if you want to get access to the blog because it is included in the eMember Advantage with total chart access, the blog subscription, & free 3T classes.

Here, you have access to a team of medical professionals including a Family Physician, Personal Trainer, Registered Nurse, and a Nurse Practitioner who can lead you on the path to your best possible health and excellence! Read the exclusive articles, watch the workout videos, and even post messages to them in a private member’s only forum!

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