LivingMatrix is not a replacement for new patient paperwork which can be completed on the Patient Portal. Are you already a patient? Request your login now.

What is LivingMatrix?

LivingMatrix is for new Functional Medicine patients, whether you are new to Excell for Life or already a patient and want Functional Medicine focused patient care. This questionnaire streamlines and automates mapping your health information for your Functional Medicine practitioner. It makes tracking your progress easier. Read “Functional Medicine is the Future of Health Care” for more information on Functional Medicine Indianapolis.

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Get Started with LivingMatrix

If you are a new patient and looking for in-depth healthcare to get to the root cause of your illness and meet your health goals complete this form:

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Functional Medicine


After completing the form a staff member will call you. We will find out if you need a phone consultation with a functional medicine provider.

Once we match you to the right provider, we will begin the process of customizing a health care plan for you. This includes ordering labs that will be ready to be drawn before your first visit. Your provider will also give you suggestions to begin right away.

Charges Only Accrue for Phone or Office Visits

LivingMatrix free to complete, and only used for new patients seeking holistic functional care. If you would like a phone consult with your new provider to discuss, there will be a functional wellness fee to go over your submission. Your provider may then order labs to be drawn and an additional in-person visit will be required to go over the results.

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