What is HOPE Care?

HOPE Care stands for Helping Our Patients Excell. The Excell for Life motto from the earliest days of the practice has been “Empowering You to Grow Stronger & Healthier at Every Age” and this is what we mean by Helping Our Patients Excell.

It is a revolutionary approach to delivering exceptional holistic, patient oriented health care and a partnership between you and your HOPE Care provider.

Why did we create HOPE Care?
For you. We think you deserve better care than the current health care system allows us to provide. With all the changes with the Affordable Care Act and new billing coding system ICD-10, doctors must see more patients in the same amount of time and give less quality care.

How does it work?
Patients who wish to join HOPE Care pay a monthly fee for amazing services and benefits designed to optimize your health. See the HOPE Care Benefits section for more details!

In order to provide these greater services our providers limit their practice to a very small number of patients.

HOPE Care is about continuing to practice a leading-edge mix of traditional and functional medicine. Traditional medicine is very important and has real value in getting healthy after you are already sick, and yet it lacks the deeper benefits of preventative care we see with functional medicine.

What is functional medicine?
Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership.

This chart shows the difference between traditional and functional medicine.



Focused on naming the disease then using drugs or surgery to “fix it”

Focused on finding and treating the root cause of symptoms

“Pill for an ill” philosophy

Philosophy of replacing what is missing and removing what may be toxic

Treat one part of body

Treat the WHOLE body


Mind, Body, Spirit Centered

Can’t Individualize Treatments

Personalized Medicine

Using flowcharts and guidelines to treat everyone the same

Use patient history, symptoms, and lab testing to find individual needs

Many specialists and many drugs,

Branches Down…

Finding common links to many ailments.

Roots Up…

Short office visits—plan is decided before even listening to the patient

Provider is a partner in your health care, cares about your goals and works to achieve them

Quantity of Life

Quality of Life

HOPE Care Patient Benefits

Executive VIP Comprehensive Physical

Once per year you will receive an Executive hour long physical including detailed medical history and assessment, discuss age appropriate screening and prevention as well as an EKG, Pulmonary function testing, and vision and hearing screening.

Unlimited appointments & Phone Consults

With HOPE Care, you can come in as many times a year as you need to be seen. We can also do phone consults as needed in the event you cannot make it into the office.

Same or next day appointments for acute issues

We guarantee a same or next day appointment for HOPE Care patients for acute issues (illness, injury, etc.)

Longer appointment times

Appointment times will be scheduled for half an hour or longer if determined by provider if even more time is needed. This allows the provider to spend more time with each patient and more fully answer questions and make recommendations.

Expert in Office Procedures

Dr. Miller excels at and will do in-office procedures and minor surgeries like mole removals, wart removals, skin tag removals, cyst removals, and more. She can also do suturing of lacerations.

24/7 Phone Access

This will include a Member only phone line directly to our HOPE Care staff during business hours for questions, scheduling and any other needs. You will also receive the cell phone number for our HOPE Care Providers for after-hours emergencies.

Coordination of Care with Specialists and Health Advocacy

Your HOPE Care provider will work with you and your specialist doctors as needed to help coordinate your care and improve information flow between your doctors. She has developed relationships with many excellent specialists to refer patients to as needed.

Great Discounts on Vitamins and Supplements

You will receive a discount on all of our great pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements. We also offer free shipping on orders over $100 and a convenient online store.

Blog & Website Access

You will receive access to all of our articles, online blogs and access to videos on many important health topics presented by our great staff.

Discounted Labs

For any labs outside of those included in your yearly physical, we have negotiated discounted lab prices through Bio Reference Labs. These prices are based on the specific labs ordered and we will tell you the cost up front and collect payment directly. If you prefer not to use this service, you may have Bio Reference Labs bill your insurance. You will be responsible for anything not covered by your insurance.

Discounts for other Excellent Services

Exclusive discounts for these other “Excellent Services” will be available to HOPE Care members for the following services:

  • Nutritional Consult and Physical Therapy with Margie Setterlof BS, PT, MS
  • Personal Training with Dr. Lisa’s own trainer Eric Walden
  • HcG Program
  • Custom Orthotics at Ladine Podiatry

Health Goal Planning & Tracking

Our HOPE Care providers will work with you to set specific health goals for yourself, and we will track these for you at visits and with email or phone reminders.

3T Power Classes

You are invited and given priority for our excellent 3T Power classes which are  presented by our great staff and other great guest speakers!

Benefits for Children

For each membership, up to two children, up to age 26, are included at no additional cost. Additional children can be added to the membership for only $300/year additional fee, per child.

Easy Monthly charge automatically deducted from ACH/Debit/Credit Card

You may choose to make your HOPE Care payments monthly and yearly. This will be automatically deducted from your bank account, debit or credit card. You may be able to use your HSA account for this as well. Excell recommends checking with your tax advisor or tax attorney for specific details as plans vary.

Fewer Insurance Hassles

This is NOT a replacement for your health insurance. Please maintain your own health insurance in the event you have need of medical care outside of our office.

Please email or call at 317-660-0888 for more details or if you have Medicare.

Your health is worth investing in!

  • By taking a proactive and aggressive approach to wellness and treating underlying issues instead of symptoms, we can prevent illnesses later in life that could end up costing you lots more money.
  • How much more productive and happy would you be if you felt great and had lots of energy?

The name of our new program is inspired by one of Dr. Lisa’s favorite verses:

Now is the time to get your questions answered, additional information, and details on how to sign up for HOPE Care, please email or call 317-660-0888.

Dr. Lisa“In starting this advanced HOPE Care, I SO look forward to having more time for YOU – a win for you; having more time for my great husband and family – a win for me and them; having more time for continued learning—a win for you and me; and most importantly having more time for God – a win for all! Many hugs, love, blessings, and prayers!”

-Dr. Lisa Miller

Amy Nicley“I am so honored to join Excell’s HOPE care provider team and to have the opportunity to serve wonderful patients such as yourself! With our team of HOPE care providers and staff we look forward to supporting you and your health needs. I have a passion for learning and will continue to learn and grow along with you on your journey to optimal health! I am so excited to partner with you and utilize functional medicine to help you reach your health goals!” ~ Blessings, Amy

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