Giving Back

Excell For Life is passionate about giving back. God has so blessed us that we want to financially support and also strongly believe that getting involved personally by volunteering is important.

Our philosophy is: If you can (help) – You should!

Dr. Lisa and Bruce Miller

Local Charity – We support with monetary donations and actively volunteer with The Caring Center in Lebanon, IN. The mission statement in their strategic plan continues to call for us to “stabilize families in crisis and move those caught in poverty towards self-sufficiency”. We are excited about their mission. Bruce serves on the Boone County Hunger Initiative committee and works directly with the elementary children in the KAT (Kids At the Table) after school feeding and mentoring program.

The Caring Center constantly needs more volunteers in the Caring Center and at the Resale store. We need your help if the children in our community who are in poverty are to escape that poverty. If you are not yet working with us, we invite you to join with us in this great work. For more information:

Global Charity – Traders Point Christian Church, our church, works with Christian Missionary Fellowship in a child sponsorship program. This program partnering with Missions of Hope International was developed to offer direct help to children in Nairobi, Kenya that deal with overwhelming poverty to get: food, medical care, and education. For more information:

• Nearly 2.5 million people live in poverty in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. In the Mathare slum nearly one million people live in an area less than a square mile and approximately 250,000 of those are children!

• We sponsor two children – Our first child, Cynthia is in elementary school – where $35 per month covers two meals per day, formal classroom education, medical care, spiritual development, facilities and administration. Our second child, Consolata is in boarding (high) school where $70 per month covers all the same expenses plus her tuition and on-site living. What started out as 50 children in the first school has now grown to over 4,500 throughout the region and thousands more are waiting to join the program when sponsorship support is available.

Nurse Anne

Gleaners Food Bank has been in Indiana for almost 30 years. It secures, stores, and re-distributes donated food to Food pantries, soup kitchens, halfway homes, emergency shelters, and daycare centers. For some of the children in the daycare centers, that may be their only meal for the day.

When children are hungry, they can’t learn well. They are our future! Sometimes their parents have to choose between buying gas to get to work, paying the electric bill, or buying food. I think of my own children, and it would be a terrible thing to not be able to feed them!!

We have so much in this country; no one should have to go hungry. My husband and I have been giving regularly to Gleaners for several years now, and it is so wonderful to know that we are helping others to end hunger in our community.

Gleaners Mission Statement
To end hunger by engaging individuals and communities to provide food for people in need.

Who do you know that is hungry? You might be surprised!

Eric – The Fitness Guy

One of the areas that I believe all people are called to do is support those less fortunate than us. Sometimes it is hard when you’ve lost a job or the bill’s that you have seemed to be piling higher and higher. I think about kids that don’t have parents or parent’s that would do anything to see their kids healthy. When I lost my job I kept supporting two different charities or missions.

The first is my parents’ mission organization. My parents have been serving as missionaries to Thailand. My mom works as a head nurse at an AIDS orphanage. My dad works through a variety of avenues helping build homes, boats, or starting businesses for locals to provide for themselves. To get more information about JOAM (their mission organization) you can email Rick or Kathy at

If you want to send money directly to them you can send it to their forwarding agents at 5721 N. 1330 E. Russiaville, IN 47919.

The other charity I support is Riley Hospital. While at Purdue University I helped start up Dance Marathon a club that raises money for Riley Hospital on campus and from friends and family. I have been involved with PUDM for the past 8 years. My wife also participated in this club while at Purdue. It is a ton of fun to be involved with college kids that take part in 24 hours of inconveniencing themselves to raise money for the families and kids of Riley. To support Riley Hospital through PUDM you can go to and donate right there on the website. Last year the students of PUDM raised over $140,000 for Riley families. For more information go to the before mentioned website.

Jeannie – Business Guru

My lifelong commitment is to help others, and to partner with others who do so. Leavener is a group committed to Crisis Intervention and Disaster Relief.

Leavener walks along side of individuals, couples, and families as they go through crisis providing support, help, loving through their crisis. Leavener also raises support, collect resources, and sends teams into disaster situations to provide relief.

For more information visit:

Amber – Information Technology & E-Commerce Expert

Our family has been a Partner in Hope for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital since October of 2009. Each month we get updates on different children who are benefiting from the research and patient care this magnificent place of hope.

Before becoming a Partner in Hope, seeing the pictures of children battling cancer and rare diseases would break my heart and bring tears to my eyes. And yet, we still never gave to the cause (except maybe a dollar here and a dollar there at different retail stores).

Now, the blessings that come from reading their amazing stories and becoming a part of funding the care of these children deserve are worth so much more than the $25 that we send every month. My husband and I are so fortunate and grateful to have two beautiful, healthy children. So our choice to “pay it forward” was a “no-brainer” for us. We wanted to help those parents who have suffered financial difficulties along with having to fight a very real, difficult battle for the hope of finding a cure for their little heroes (their children).

God bless you and your ways of giving back; and God bless every single doctor, nurse, parent, and patient at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. For more information visit:

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