Excell Care

What is the Excell Care Program? Our Excell Care Program is a package of discounted benefits for services not billable to insurance. This program allows our providers to provide the option for functional and/or traditional based appointments dependent on each patient’s individual needs. Whether you have a functional or traditional based appointment our providers take extra time with patients to listen to their history and symptoms. Even better, our functional medicine visits go further and look at history, symptoms as well as look at the interactions between genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors that influence long term health to create treatment plans that work, not just prescribe more pills.

What is functional medicine? Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to medicine with a focus on helping you to feel well and looking for underlying causes to prevent and reverse illness – not just treating you when you are sick. Conventional medicine is rooted in an acute care model focused on rapid diagnosis and long term pharmaceutical interventions. Functional medicine is a model for health care that focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of chronic disease and then providing treatment that is individualized to prevent or reverse chronic disease.

The Excell Care Program is in addition to your regular insurance billing. This payment is a reoccurring monthly fee with a 1 year contract (unless you pay the entire year).  The Excell Care Program is NOT BILLABLE TO INSURANCE. We will continue to bill all medical services that are billable to your insurance plan including regular office visits and you will get a bill for anything that is considered by insurance to be your portion.

This Program Includes:

  • Functional / holistic visits as needed
  • 5% Supplement discount
  • 20% Infra-red Sauna discount
  • Unlimited Excell for Life blog article access
  • 2.5% aesthetics discount

Other Options:

Certainly, we have our Hope Care monthly membership model, for many patients this provides an advantage both financially and in optimizing their health. Another option is to the Functional Wellness visits with Amy or Nicci.

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