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March 2021 Deals

Is Daylight Savings Throwing Off Your Sleep? Enjoy 20% Off These Amazing Supplements! 🍀Benesom® contains melatonin that helps promote a restful, relaxed state and relieve occasional sleeplessness by modulating the metabolism of melatonin and...


February 2021 Deals

20% Off These Amazing Supplements For A Valentine’s Spark!! HerSynergy promotes libido in women with a special, concentrated extract of fenugreek, which may support multiple key markers of sexual function and arousal. It also supplies targeted vitamins and...


January 2021 Deals

Is your New Year’s resolution to lose some weight or start eating healthier!?! Get 20% Off These Great Functional Foods! Core Restore Detox Kit (Vanilla) – (also available in chocolate) a comprehensive 7 day...


December 2020 Deals

20% Off These Great Immune Supplements! Imu-Max – a children’s formula that boosts immune function and provides support for immune challenges. Imu-Max contains Echinacea, one of the best-known botanicals used to boost the immune system, and propolis, which helps maintain normal inflammatory balance....


November 2020 Deals

Get 20% off these great Excell supplements all month long! Methyl B12- Vitamin B12 may help protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease. Research suggests the vitamin and an amino acid homocysteine may be involved...


October 2020 Deals

Get 20% off these great Excell supplements to help maintain your health! Vitamin D 5000 IU is back again!- There are studies that have shown a relationship between Vitamin D and breast cancer risk....

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