Category: Sleep


Natural Sleep Aids

Sleep is THE FOUNDATION of good health & the most important part of your day! Make a commitment to your body and life to enjoy a NON-NEGOTIABLE 8 – 9 hours in bed at...


Lithium Orotate

“An essential mineral for our brain!  To help mood, focus & brain detox, and can also help headaches, migraines, anti-aging, and strengthen your circadian rhythm and sleep. This is a great addition to your...


Sleep for Children

Our pediatric infectious disease Dr. Tara Fox has been blogging some great content on her blog: TRF Pediatric Health Tara has posted a great new blog post: ZZZZ…..Sleep She answers lots of great questions...


Why Should You Sleep?

Sleep for the brain: Numerous functions of the brain are restored by and depend upon sleep.  No one type of sleep accomplishes all.  Losing out on any type of sleep will cause brain impairment....

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