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Men’s Hormone Help – Increase Your Libido! 0

Men’s Hormone Help – Increase Your Libido!

Maintaining a healthy libido (sexual interest and drive) is dependent upon good general health and Testosterone levels. Low testosterone can cause a decreased libido, difficulty getting and keeping an erection, low energy, and less physical strength.

But first, if you are interested: There is one very important foundational way to improve your sex life immediately . . .

Helping Hand!!! 0

Helping Hand!!!

On Sept 24th I got to the gym to train Carrol and her husband Dale. Carrol had a smile from ear to ear. I knew immediately something was up. Obviously I knew it was...

Osteoporosis Prevention 0

Osteoporosis Prevention

Submitted By Eric Walden Osteoporosis is a major cause of disability in older women. So if you have osteoporosis, how can you reduce your risk of the spinal problems and broken bones that can...

A New Year A New You 0

A New Year A New You

Are you hitting that road block from your New Years Resolution? It’s 6 weeks into the new year and this is about the time the excuses start happening or the schedules get a little...

Raising a Godly Son…a Knight! 0

Raising a Godly Son…a Knight!

Raising a Great Godly Son … a Knight! from “Raising A Modern Day Knight”, by Ray Lewis A Knight has noble character, romantic sensibilities, and brave deeds.  As Ray Lewis supremely outlines,” Knighthood offers any...

Health Review for Excellence! 0

Health Review for Excellence!

If you are feeling bad or having problems in any way, review these aspects of your life and work hard to make the needed changes or additions!   At every age you can become stronger...

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