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Please consult with your physician before trying this or any other exercise program!

The Perfect Push Up by Nicci the Mighty! 0

The Perfect Push Up by Nicci the Mighty!

Nicci Wilhoite, NP at Excell for Life is great at making exercise fun and easy for anyone getting started working out. In 1 minute 40 seconds Nicci shows you how to do the perfect...

Workout with Kettlebells 0

Workout with Kettlebells

Here is a workout with Kettlebells (KB). It is mostly legs but there are some upper body exercises included. You don’t have to have KB to do the workout but it does make it...

New Workout Video 0

New Workout Video

Here is a 5 minute workout video. I used this workout a couple of weeks ago for a boot camp. It had some people hurting afterwards. Enjoy!

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