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Home Gym: Inversion Tables

These are some amazing benefits from using inversion tables… Follow the instructions carefully when beginning. Safety first always! Discuss options with your Excell for Life provider if you have any chronic pain issues or disabilities or health conditions before beginning a new activity like using an inversion table.


Should I Exercise While Pregnant?

Yes. Exercise improves pregnancy and new born health. → Exercise improves the supply of glucose and oxygen to the baby. → Recreational exercise may lower the chances of preterm labor and the birth of...

5 more reasons to exercise 1

5 Facts About Exercise You May Not Know

1. Regular cardiovascular exercise increased HR variability. High HRV is an indicator of overall health and indicator of balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system or fight or flight/rest and digest. Decreased HRV...


Learn to Dance

Dance Lessons with Annika! Your body and brain love learning new ways to move and connect! Singles or couples of all ages are welcome. Make it a date night! Come and learn to dance...

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