Nurse Practitioner Brandy Manetta

Brandy Manetta

Hello, my name is Brandy Manetta and I have been a nurse practitioner since 2009. My training is in family practice through IUPUI, where I received my BSN in 2005 and my MSN in 2009. My first calling was to use that experience in emergency medicine where I have been practicing at IU Health in Avon. I also managed the nurse practitioners and physician assistants for the last four years before I came here.

My husband and I have been married for over nine years. I have 3 children: Cooper, Grace, & Maddy. We also have a dog named Chip!

I joined Excell for Life to focus on wellness and continuity of care for my patients. This is also why I am a part of the HOPE Care providers group.

HOPE Care is a comprehensive health care program we offer at Excell for Life. This is a program that patients join who want to receive a perfect blend of traditional medicine (mostly for acute care) and functional medicine to get to the root cause of and/or prevent any disease that keeps you from living your healthiest life.

The experience I gained in acute care while working in emergency medicine will be beneficial to the practice as well as my patients. I became an IFM Certified Practitioner IFM Certified Practitioner in May of 2019.

Check out some of Brandy’s blog posts.

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