Nurse Practitioner Brandy Manetta

Brandy ManettaHello, my name is Brandy Manetta and I have been a nurse practitioner since 2009. My training is in family practice through IUPUI, where I received my BSN in 2005 and my MSN in 2009. My first calling was to use that experience in emergency medicine where I have been practicing at IU Health in Avon. I also have managed the nurse practitioners and physician assistants for the last four years.

My husband and I have been married for over nine years. I have 2 children, Cooper who is 3.5 years old and Grace who is 1.5 years old. We also have a dog named Chip!

I decided to join Excell for Life as I wanted to focus on wellness and continuity of care for my patients.

I believe that the experience I have gained in acute care while working in emergency medicine will be beneficial to the practice as well as my patients and I’m

currently working towards my functional medicine certification.

Check out some of Brandy’s blog posts.

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