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Why won’t we change for the better? 0

Why won’t we change for the better?

I’ve had a thought in my head pretty much all day today. So much so that I had lousy workout. Yes, Eric the Personal Trainer “mailed in” a workout. My mind wouldn’t stop thinking...

Knowledge Transformation 0

Knowledge Transformation

I’d like to share a story of a person who took part in a 6 week challenge. This particular article talks about a revelation Paul had during this 6 week transformation challenge. – Eric...

Want to feel better? Follow our advice! 0

Want to feel better? Follow our advice!

Holy Cow!!! This is so right on!!!!! I know I have talked about this, and I know Dr. Lisa has talked about it! But are you listening? Check out the link below. Our...

Helping Hand!!! 0

Helping Hand!!!

On Sept 24th I got to the gym to train Carrol and her husband Dale. Carrol had a smile from ear to ear. I knew immediately something was up. Obviously I knew it was...

Outside of the Norm 1

Outside of the Norm

August 20t h, 2013 By Eric Walden The week of July 21st (I don’t remember the exact day) my wife sat me down and had that look! You know the look that I’m talking...

Helping Opportunity 0

Helping Opportunity

Michelle and I are competing in a charity strongman competition on Aug 17 at the Noblesville Fit Fest. We are competing to help raise money for Josiah. He is 3 years old and battling...

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