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Daniel Williams, DO

Dr. Dan WilliamsDaniel Williams, DO has trained with internationally renowned experts in osteopathic manipulation and integrative medicine from the United States, Europe, and Japan. Dr. Williams’ practice focuses on helping patients achieve optimal health and function using a combination of functional medicine, osteopathic manipulation, medical acupuncture, herbal medicine and traditional medicine.

“The osteopathic approach to medicine involves looking at the whole patient: mind, body and spirit. I don’t just look at or treat symptoms, but I perform an extensive history and physical examination, and order imaging and lab tests as appropriate. My goal is to listen to the patient and learn as much as I can about their concerns and perspective.

“Once we have gathered the necessary data to determine the underlying cause(s) of the disease, I work with the patient to creatively address their concerns and help them achieve the health they are seeking.”

Dr. Williams uses osteopathic manipulation and medical acupuncture to address acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. His approach to osteopathic manipulation focuses on optimizing biomechanical function and reducing stress and strain. His breadth and depth of training has given Dr. Williams a unique skill set and perspective to creatively address his patients’ concerns. He has worked with new mothers and their babies to optimize health and breastfeeding success; patients with TMJ disorders and cranio-facial pain; and countless people with all types of headaches, back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, and other musculoskeletal pain. His training in Europe inspired interest in the benefits of osteopathic manipulation for pregnancy and chronic pelvic pain and he continues to treat women with these concerns.

Dr. Williams AligningDr. Williams also has a passion for working with athletes. He previously worked with a major Division 1 university, providing consultation and osteopathic manipulation to high performance athletes to maximize performance and facilitate recovery from injury. Through this experience he has developed a strong professional interest in working with professional, collegiate, and aspiring athletes to reach their optimum potential through osteopathic manipulation.

“I was drawn to Osteopathic medicine because it focuses on treating people, not symptoms or diseases. While Osteopathic physicians can and do use traditional medical approaches – like prescription drugs and surgery – what sets us apart is this holistic view of the body and the individuals we care for. “The hands-on manipulation techniques I’ve learned and refined over the years have allowed me to help so many people get out of pain and improve their health. I’ve cared for newborn babies, people in their 90s and everyone in between, often using only the best tools I have… my hands, knowledge and experience. Being able to relieve chronic pain and improve health in such a natural, patient-friendly way is extremely gratifying.”

Dr. Williams Aligning 2Over the past decade, Dr. Williams has taught and presented to students and medical professionals throughout North America, Europe and Japan. He has designed and published board review books for osteopathic medical students. His medical research experience includes National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research on the effects of manipulation on low back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Welcome Dr. Williams

Bruce and Dr. Lisa welcome Dr. Williams and his beautiful family to Excell for Life!

Dr. Williams married his high school sweetheart, Amy. Amy is a pediatric health psychologist and works at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. Dan and Amy live with their young daughter Addison close to the Excell office. They enjoy spending time with each other and traveling. The family attends Trader’s Point Christian Church.

More info about Dr. Dan our amazing orthopedic medicine at Excell for Life in Indianapolis can be found at www.drdanielwilliams.com.

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