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Great Liver Detox

This article is great for anesthesia recovery and/or a great liver detox / boost! Use these safe effective ways to prepare for and recover from anesthesia &/OR use as a liver detox & recharge...

Power of BPF – Cholesterol & Cardiovascular Wellness!

Bergamot BPF (Bioactive Polyphenolic Fractions) contains powerful cholesterol lowering, balancing, and cardio-protective polyphonic flavonoids. Strong research and double-blinded clinical studies with a prescription medicine Crestor shows BETTER results with Bergamot BPF to achieve healthy HDL, LDL, triglyceride, particle sizes, cardioCRP inflammation, and blood sugar levels.

Oil Pulling in the Shower!

Coconut oil has a number of health benefits because of its healing, hydrating, and antimicrobial properties. Oil pulling with coconut oil can have a detoxifying effect on the body by removing bacteria in the...