Natural Flu Remedies & Immune System Boosters - Excell for Life

Natural Flu Remedies & Immune System Boosters

Natural Cold & Flu Prevention and Treatment

Excell for Life Daily Supplements for Healthy Immune System:

(These products are always a good idea!)

  • Ortho Biotic (our highest recommended probiotic)
  • Orthomega (super anti-inflammatory: high-purity fish oil)
  • Vitamin D (many in Indiana are vitamin D deficient even during summer!)
  • Vitamin C 1-10,000iu / day (to bowel tolerance) Vitamin C is very helpful for energy, detox, cough/cold symptoms!

We recommend you take double the amount of these products during weeks of sickness or exposure to illness.

Fight Cold & Flu! Immune System Boosters:

  1. Echinacea Synergy (2-3x/day for 7-10 days)
  2. ProBiommune (1-2 lozenge 1-3x/day) – great to prevent strep/sinus/ear/throat infections
  3. Argentyn Bio-Active Liquid Silver (1/2 – 1 dropper full under tongue for 20 seconds then swallow 3-4x/day for several days, and can put in Neil Med saline irrigation)
  4. Elderberry Products for FLU!
    Natranix (Children 1 yr. +: 1-2 teaspoons 3-4x/day; Adults: 1 tablespoon 3-4x/day or as directed) Viracid 1-2 caps per hour (for acute immune support) or 2 caps a day (for maintenance immune support)
  5. N-Acetyl Cysteine (1-2 once to 3x/day)- to prevent cold/flu or treat sinus/airway congestion
  6. Biotics ADP Oil of Oregano (2 tablets 2-4x/day for several days)

More Great Symptom Relief:

  1. Natural D-Hist– our best natural allergy relief non-drowsy product (also available in children’s chewable) if allergies are weakening your immune system.
  2. Thieves essential oil, honey for cough, Vicks Vapor Rub on bottom of feet at nighttime
  3. Teas and warm water with Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey
  4. Neil Med saline irrigation of nose & sinuses

Healthy Life Habits to Support a Healthy Immune System:

  • Sleep well – make priority of 8-9 hours every night
  • Eat well – eat whole natural foods (not processed!)  with lots raw veggies & fruits, best to be strictly gluten free, Paleo with quinoa & beans, and fasting helps your immune health (with our GHI OptiCleanse or teas & fish oil)
  • Move well – cardio 30 minutes per day improves your immune health
  • Poop well – 1-2 stools per day gets toxins out
  • Drink water well – 8-10 glasses per day to flush & detox

Dr. Dan also recommends warm liquids & teas, scarves and keeping back of neck warm!

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    […] and still have many testing positive for influenza A and B. A lot of our patients have already read Natural Flu Remedies & Immune System Boosters which includes many great supplements to keep your immune system […]

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