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NAC for Flu Prevention

We have officially had some of our first patients tested positive for influenza! NAC is great for flu and cold prevention and  treatment!

In a study by Silvio De Flora, MD (Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, University of Genoa, Italy) 262 seniors were asked to take either placebo or NAC tablets (600 mg) twice daily for 6 months. Incredibly, few of the subjects taking NAC developed flu symptoms, even though blood tests confirmed they were infected with the flu virus. And if the subjects taking NAC did develop symptoms, they were generally mild and shorter in duration compared with those taking placebo.

N-Acetyl Cysteine is very effective in preventing flu and lessening the severity! It will help greatly with cough and congestion. For more great reasons to take this amazing detox supplement, check out the article:
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) – the Super Detox Supplement!

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