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Alkaline Living: Another Great Benefit of Prayer

To build on what I introduced in Supplements and Habits to Support an Alkaline Body, stress hormones cause an acidic reaction in the body. On the other hand, prayer and gratitude release hormones that cause an alkaline reaction in the body.

Prayer: The Alkaline-Forming Sacrament

From Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore Baroody
“The energy produced by prayer alkalizes all that it touches-even the food we eat. If prayer hurriedly excitedly, with little feeling then little energy is imparted. In order for food electrically and chemically altered into alkalinity, then prayer must be honestly felt. Say a sincere prayer the Heavenly father, before eating and taste the sweet difference.”

Prayer and Gratitude Effects of Frozen Water Droplets

Kirlian photographs which reveals subtle electromagnetic fields were taken of water before and after it was blessed by a priest. The results were astonishing. After blessing “holy water” contained blue crosses. Kirlian photographs were also taken of hands before a prayerful healing session. The hands only showed a minor light. Afterwards, the hands were a blaze with light. This is prayer in action. I have witnessed the laying of hands as a healing modality, and have watches in awe as many acute conditions have eased or disappeared completely.

There has not been extensive research done on this by other scientists. However, many of us have noticed a great difference in taste after thanking God for it before eating a meal. Alignment with the Holy Spirit is the most powerful and rapid way of achieving an alkaline-forming reaction in the body. In its clearest channeled form, which is pure prayer, the holy essence transmutes acid waste products instantly. This leads to spontaneous healing of whatever, physical, emotional, or spiritual aliment may exist.

Final Thoughts on the Alkaline Diet

When utilizing the concepts set forth in Alkalize or Die (I highly recommend getting a copy of this), remember to keep things into perspective. Feel your way through the suggestions one at a time. Don’t do it all in a day or even a week. To become overzealous could actually slow the progress.

First, access your alkaline/acid balance, easing into the “Rule of 80/20.” Note the way your body is handling this new regimen. Good health is a process, not a quick fix. Certainly, I did not make the shift to higher alkalinity overnight. It took time to simulate and experiment with the ideas.
These methods have been tried and tested. They will work. From a vast amount of observation, I find the most alkaline-forming reactions are achieved by using these actions and substances in this order.

  1. Prayer/Mediation Contemplation
  2. Nutrition (including homeopathy)
  3. Exercise
  4. Body manipulation (includes osteopathy, chiropractic massage therapy and all electromagnetic methods)

Above all, any effort made towards the alkaline way of life will lead to a closer tie with God. May you worship God in illustration health!

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