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Probiotics & Prebiotics!

These are a MUST when taking antibiotics: take daily 2 hours away from an antibiotic (best Ortho Biotic 1-2/day, kids ½ per day)

Probiotics are a must for immune/gut/overall health.

Our society offers too many highly processed chemical laden “foods”. Probiotics are “good bacteria” including live yeasts that keep our gut and immune system healthy, protect us & decrease inflammation (70% of our immune system is around our gut), make important substances like serotonin, improve our sex hormone balance, treat certain problems like irritable bowel, decrease the risk of autoimmune diseases (thyroid, lupus, Celiac), reduce the risk of colon cancer, and help us digest and absorb nutrients.  (You can get small amounts naturally in foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and miso).  Prebiotics are plant fibers that beneficially nourish & act as fertilizer for the good bacteria in our colon (a great easy way to get them is taking 2 Fiber Plus capsules with your probiotic, and you can also get from eating raw  bananas, onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, dandelion greens, chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, and raw grains).

EXCELL EXCELLENT PROBIOTICS & PREBIOTICS: eat healthy GF with lots of raw veggies/fruits and…
  • Best GI/body health: daily Ortho Biotic, Prescript Assist, & UltraFlora Balance or Control along with 2 Fiber Plus (can take all 3 probiotics with Fiber Plus daily, or rotate the probiotics), and you can add ProBiommune or Sach Boullardii if you have indications for them.
  • Prevention of Strep Throat, & help with ear-throat-sinus-dental-gum-mouth-bad breath problems: ProBiommune daily to weekly as below.
  • They must have barest minimum: 2-3 Ortho Biotic or Prescript Assist or UltraFlora once weekly with 2 Fiber Plus. (Rotate the probiotics quarterly.)

See our excellent probiotics below, as they are ones of only a handful of probiotic strains clinically shown to support & improve human health.  Probiotics must be handled carefully and not exposed to heat during shipping or storage.  The dosages of probiotics must be based upon scientific & clinical data. Take only products that guarantee dosage at the expiration date to assure reliable dosages. We chose these products to offer because they contain enough live units to make an impact on gut flora.

Probiotic Supplements

Ortho Biotic (22 billion/capsule, #60/bottle): Best powerful high strength broad spectrum probiotic to promote healthy gut flora, protect immune system & intestinal integrity.  No need to refrigerate and guaranteed at expiration to have 22 billion/capsule.  Can open and swish & swallow in mouth or add to food/liquid for children.  Lacto acidoph, lacto paracasei, Bifido lactis, bifido bifidum, lacto plantarum, lacto rhamnosus, and saccharomyces boulardii 2billion/capsule. (This protects against bad yeast and bacterial/Cdiff overgrowth with antibiotics – see below.)

Prescript Assist Pro (SBO 620mg w Leonardite prebiotic, #60/bottle): Soil based probiotic organisms (SBO’s) are found in healthy sols and release powerful enzymes to purify and support healthy growth of good bacteria, protecting from bad bacteria & fungal overgrowth in our GI tract. This helps to bolster our immune system, improve digestion, and restore balance to our gut flora. Each capsule has over 30+ soil based pH-resistant micro flora, and no refrigeration is necessary.

ProBiommune Lozenges (1 billion CFU/lozenge of Streptococcus Salivarius K12 probitoic). This is great for any child or adult with recurrent Strep throat or ear-throat-sinus-dental-gum-mouth-yeast (candida)-bad breath problems. (Studies have shown it decreases infections by 30%.) Take 1-2 lozenges 3x/day for week. (You get even more population in mouth of this good healthy bacteria when you gargle 1st with mouthwash with chlorhexadrine like Listerine.) Then take 1-2 once daily for 3 weeks, then 1-2 weekly thereafter. (CHILDREN: under 25# 1 lozenge/day, 25-50# 1 lozenge 2x/day, 50-75# 1 lozenge 3x/day.)

UltraFlora Balance (15 billion/capsule Lacto acidoph & Bifido lactisBi-07, #60/bottle): Daily support for GI and immune health.

UltraFlora (Weight) Control (10 billion Bifidobacterium lactis B-420/capsule, #30/bottle): Along with diet & exercise, this probiotic may help to decrease weight by modifying gut microbiotia composition (producing beneficial gut metabolites & helping improve gut integrity and short chain fatty acid production).  Compared to placebo in overweight people, this probiotic strain showed reduced body mass, body weight, waist circumference, and abdominal fat.

Sachromyces Boullardii (5 billion/capsule, #60/bottle): Stomach acid resistant probiotic proven to transit into intestines and boost healthy antibodies and crowd out harmful bacteria & yeast and studies have even shown improvement in heart ejection fraction (pumping).  Use to resist and heal yeast & thrush problems (and can open on tongue and swish and swallow), to give added protection with antibiotics, and overall health.

Kids Probiotic Flora Bites (5 billion/chewable cube, #20/box): Lacto acidoph & bifido lactis strains with 20mg Vitamin C for GI & immune support.  You can use this for children or open an Ortho Biotic capsule and give ½-1.

Fiber Plus Prebiotic/Fiber Capsules: Soluble & insoluble fiber to promote regular stools, healthy microbial balance, and provide glycemic & cardiovascular support.  Take 2/day (or more) along with your probiotic as a prebiotic to boost the good bacteria in your GI system.

*Take on empty stomach or with food.  You cannot take too many probiotics.*

Healthy Habits for Life

Remember your healthy life and body, and immune system musts:

  • Eat God’s great whole foods (gluten and sugar free; LOTS fresh veggies and fruits)
  • Sleep well (7-9 hours/nightly)
  • Exercise daily and move!
  • Drink 6-8 or more glasses of water daily
  • Faith & destress time daily
  • Supplements daily: Ortho Biotic (or probiotic above) & Fiber Plus, Orthomega Fish Oil, Vitamin D at least during lower sun months, a good MVI (multivitamin) like Alphabase or Mitocore or Thorne Basic Nutrients, and often our reacted Magnesium (important in so many bodily chemical reactions).

Blessings, prayers, and we love the honor of caring for you!
Dr. Lisa & our Excell for Life Team

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lead not on your own understanding.  In ALL ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes but His.  Run to God and shun evil. This brings health to your body and nourishment to your bones.  Honor the Lord with your first fruits of your labor, and your vats will overflow and your barns will be filled.”  Proverbs 3:5-9


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