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Functional Medicine Indianapolis

Excell for Life Family Care and Pediatrics has been providing Functional Medicine in Indianapolis since 2011. With Functional Medicine we find the root-cause of health issues. Our goal-oriented focus on well-being helps our patients grow stronger and healthier at every age!

DrLisa and Child

Treating patients as we would like to be treated means treating you as individuals and not numbers. We provide personalized care plans instead of treatment algorithms, and getting to the root cause of the symptoms vs. temporarily alleviating them…

Amy Explaining Lab Results

Our practitioners spend time listening to you to find the root cause of hypertension, chronic pain, weight gain/loss, hormone imbalances, thyroid issues, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, or any ailments that may be keeping you from experiencing the healthy life you deserve.

acupunctureWe can often provide you with the service right here in the clinic (e.g. perform minor surgeries, prescribe bio-identical hormones/diabetes care medications, and give joint injections/acupuncture/prolotherapy).

acupuncture2We provide holistic health care and wellness checkups for you and your whole family. Our focus is on your physical, nutritional, and spiritual excellence!


Continued learning and teaching is the cornerstone of our practice.

Brandy IFM Convention

Our 3 doctors and 4 nurse practitioners (and still growing team) love learning from each other, other experts in the field and from you!


We appreciate all of you who spread the message that there is a better way to health and longevity. You can feel younger and stronger at every age!

DrLisa and Birthday Patient

If you have friends of family who are looking for the best mix of traditional and functional medicine please have them call Excell for Life at 317-660-0888!

Helping you grow stronger and healthier at every age!Excell is one of the few Functional Medicine clinics offering various payment options while still accepting health insurance.

DrLisa and Ajah

We are a Christ-centered Family Practice with a diverse group of Christian doctors and nurses. We believe that because He loved us first, we can show His love by doing His healing work.

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