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Allergy Tips – Prevention & Treatment 2017!

Work to identify and avoid your allergens. Don’t open your window at night if you have seasonal outdoor allergies!

Natural Treatments for Allergies

*Water*!!! – If you are even a little dehydrated, then your body produces histamines which make your allergies worse. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces a day plus extra after exercise (preferably plain filtered water with no sweetener additives).

Saline irrigation with a neti pot or squirt bottle. Use this 1-5 times daily when experiencing any sign of increased congestion or infection. This flushes out allergens you are exposed to.

Natural D-Hist – our greatest natural herbal antihistamine for adults & children (money back guarantee, loading does = 6 per day for 1st week, then 2 daily.)

Emergen-C – fizzy tasty drink packets of 1000mg Vitamin C with other minerals. This blunts allergy responses and will help with congestion and cough.

Medicine for Allergies

Antihistamines help with the sneezing, itching, runny nose (& can add Sudafed to make the “D” to any of these, but use Sudafed with caution if you have high BP or prostate problems.)

  • Usually non-sedating: Claritin, Zyrtec, Xyzall & Allegra – available over the counter.
  • Sedating – Benadryl (best used at night & can add to one above if needed.)

Decongestants: Sudafed, Mucinex

Nose sprays help with nose congestion, eye symptoms and ear congestion.

  • Cortisone – takes several days to work and continue daily to see best effect.
    • OTC: Flonase & Nasacort
    • Rx: Nasonex, Veramyst, Omnaris, Rhinocort
  • Antihistamine/Other – quick acting and can be used as needed.
    • OTC: X-Clear w xylitol, NasalCrom or Afrin (use only up to 1 week)
    • Rx: Astelin & Astepro,  Atrovent

Eye Drops

  • OTC: Zaditor (comes in generic), Naphcon A , Visine A
  • Rx: Patenol, Optivar

Rx: Singulair – daily or as needed to help congestion symptoms and asthma/wheezing/cough

If significant symptoms persist despite medicines or if you require medicine daily or if you are suffering recurrent infections, please make an appointment to see us. You may need allergy testing to identify and eliminate your triggers (such as outside, inside, and food allergens).

Prayers for your health!

Dr. Lisa

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