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The Difference I Felt After a Few Detoxing Sauna Sessions

Do you see the difference? Some that have looked at these pictures have not noticed much and others have been as shocked as I was. To me, the picture on the left shows a face impacted by swelling and water retention.

It is also a reminder of weeks of darkness: pain, brain fog, the loss of words, the neurological spasms that were both painful and emotionally taxing, lethargy and exhaustion, hunger for air, rib pain or sometimes the feeling of having a corset tied tightly around my ribs, insomnia and more… Those were just the physical ailments. The emotional and spiritual battles I was facing had taken a hold of me. I had fallen into depression, loneliness, loss of joy, and so much more.

While the battle I have faced being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in August 2016 and continue to fight for remission and healing has required a focus on healing in body, mind and spirit, what I want to tell you about today is how the Infrared (IR) Sauna contributed to my healing and continues to do so. To say I’m a skeptic is an understatement! I love science, research, and facts!

So when I heard Excell for Life was getting an IR Sauna, I went to work. I read and I studied and I read and I studied some more. I found the facts based in research and learned the how and why of using the IR sauna. But as any good scientist will tell you, experimentation for yourself is vital in the learning process. So, I put it to the test. I began regular use of the IR sauna for two weeks, getting in at least 3 sessions a week.

Below is a peak into my experiment.

  • Session 1: The heat feels amazing on my body! It wasn’t like a wet sauna like at the gym that makes it difficult to breath. I was relaxed and the joint pain I had been experiencing was all but gone during the session and didn’t return as I left the office. Overall, I felt relaxed and ready for bed.  The next day, I noticed an increase of energy but thought there was really no way and it must just be a good day.
  • Session 3: I am loving each session! Not only is it some quiet time that I can blast some tunes that speak to my spirit but I can feel the healing. I know that sounds weird but it’s how I feel. I have more energy! I’ve begun riding the exercise bike daily for 20 minutes. Not hard or fast, but riding. Last week I was barely out of bed for 8 hours a day!
  • Week 2: The energy continues. The pain decreases. I feel an awakening throughout by body!

I cannot speak to the benefits of using the sauna enough! Of course I still have rough days. I have times of returned pain, symptoms, fatigue, etc. But overall, the focused 2-week sauna treatment was the catalyst that changed the course of my healing! I continue to use the sauna as much as I can and will continue to do 2-week focused treatment weeks on a regular basis to keep my cells energized and ready to work! So from one patient to another, it’s safe, it’s warm and relaxing, and best of all it’s healing!

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